Friday, 3 February 2023

Dorset - Wyke Regis Pirate's Cove - Richard's Pipit Ahoy!

The day started out on the farm but this was cut short with news of the Richard’s Pipit having been seen again at Pirate’s Cove at Wyke Regis. Thanks John Wall! I did not even take breath before I was on the road to Wyke with the intention of adding this species to my Dorset bird tally.

On arrival I bumped into a few regular hardcore birders which was an encouraging sign. Simon said the bird had flown in the direction I was walking from. The search began and a couple of hours passed without sight or sound of the Pipit! Uh oh!

Time moved on into the afternoon and I was losing hope of seeing the bird. Some folk had already given up the task and gone on to other things. I was seriously thinking of going back to the farm when I noticed some activity at the bottom of the hill. I joined the guys and there the Pipit was in the horse field near the top of the hill! It flew a couple of times calling but always returned to the field.

Some pictures and messages later and this pale bulky long legged pipit had been bagged giving plenty of time to watch on as it fed in the field. The morale to the story is if you are thinking of leaving a twitch stay for five minutes more!