Friday, 19 July 2019

Tice's Meadow - Well Look Who's Here!!

I took a journey to the other side of the county to visit Tice’s Meadow a site that has a band of dedicated volunteers that have transformed the place only to learn that the site is now for sale! A new hide is in the early stages of construction giving me a brief catch up with Richard Horton before seeking the prize of the morning!

I was fortunate enough to catch the bird in flight after a deer entered the area the bird was resting in sending it and a Grey Heron over to the far side of the reserve. 
The bird moved once more on the onset of rain to the grassland in front of the hide on Horton’s Mound.

To my delight I bumped into Prof an ex Beddington Farm birdwatcher and finder of SVC MEGA and first for Beddington a Cattle Egret that was nailed by numerous cameras during its stay on the Farm! I don’t actually know his real name but having been a university lecturer became known by a fitting nickname!

The morning did not improve much weather wise but it was great to catch up with Prof and a few Green and a Common Sandpiper on the lake. The weather is looking grim over the next couple of days which could interrupt ringing at Queen Mary’s Reservoir and have me out on the trail of shorebirds that are making their way back from breeding grounds!