Sunday, 28 July 2013

Evening at Beddington Farm!

(Starling invasion)
I met up with Pete Alfrey late afternoon & embarked on a walk around the Farm. After checking the lakes I walked up over the mound towards the lagoons where a large flock of Starling were occupying one of the beds. The starlings would fly up sporadically all returning to the sludge beds. Numbers where estimated at 1500+. It always amazes me how a flock this big flies perfectly in formation without there being in flight casualties.

Pete lived up to his nickname "Pinpoint" by picking out a Dunlin in amongst the starling. Even when the bird landed on the sludge it took me a while to find the bird. I took a couple of dot shots of the bird before moving on.

A walk over the hill towards Pongo Park had us stop in our tracks as a swarm of starling hurtled past us at great speed. The reason for this soon became apparent as an adult Peregrine Falcon honed into view behind the fleeing pack.

The rest of the walk through to 100 Acre was fairly uneventful a few Green Sandpiper & 3 Common Sandpiper were seen on Jim's bed.

Tree Sparrows were sadly once again not seen. It is estimated that there is only a dozen birds in a single flock on the Farm these days!! Is this because of  habitat change with only a few suitable areas for this species to feed or was there another explanation for this rapid decline?!

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