Sunday, 3 November 2013

Needle in a Haystack!

Having spent the last couple of weekends completing the Laguna Blanca systematic list it was time to re visit the Farm and carry out a Timed Species Count. There was a SW blow today so I decided to start at the lakes. I got blown around, I then took shelter in the hide with Bulldog.
The only bird of note was a Pintail which was on the North Lake. Pyro joined us in the hide when news broke that the Two Barred Crossbill was present at Dukes Warren Leith Hill Surrey. Opportunities had been limited with this species and it would be another week before I could get out to look for this Surrey Vice County tick.
(Great Cormorant)
After the briefest of conversations and abandonment of the last two area counts, I was off to the car to try to connect with this bird.
(Leigh Hill)
I knew the odds were stacked against me, the area is vast but two areas near small pools had been identified as hotspots for this bird. It took around 50 minutes to drive to Coldharbour Cricket Club car-park. I checked the map and worked out my route having spoken to a couple of hikers who had been caught in a downpour. En route to Dukes Warren I spoke to a lady from the National Trust who gave me more precise directions to the area the Two Barred Crossbill had been seen.
(Leigh Hill)
Dukes Warren was approximately a 10 min walk from the car-park following the green trail in reverse through the metal gate down to post “G” and then turning right down the hill to the small pool.

I wandered around the area noting two Buzzard, a Sparrowhawk, a Kestrel and around 100 Wood Pigeon. I decided to stake out the small pool by one of the paths and within a few minutes heard two Common Crossbill. The pair landed adjacent to the pool and began feeding in the top of the swaying pine. I stuck around in case others were going to join them but there were no further additions.

As time was pressing on I made my way back to the car-park checking the environs of the cricket pitch before making my way home. 

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