Monday, 23 June 2014

More Moths from the Garden

After a monster sleep yesterday and the World Cup matches being more entertaining than previous days I put the light out to see what was flying. It turned out to be another busy couple of hours with two Elephant Hawkmoths a few Small Magpies, Heart and Dart and a few more new moths for the garden attending the light. The Small Magpie seemed to be subdued after a night in the fridge but promptly flew off before I had photographed it. Hmm! I’m sure there will be others.

The following are all new moths for my garden:-
(Buff Ermine)
A Buff Ermine Spilosoma luteum was my favourite of the night bar the Elephant Hawkmoths of course.
(Setaceous Hebrew Character)
Setaceous Hebrew Character Xestia c-nigrum
(Riband Wave)
Riband Wave Idaea aversata.
Coronet Craniophora ligustri coronula.
(Silver Y)

With the help of Pete Alfrey and Bomber I have now identified all photographed moths. The Silver Y Autographa gamma was the most interesting as it is a migrant moth.


  1. Hiya, afraid the Common White Wave is actually a Riband Wave and the un-ID'd moth is The Coronet (of the dark form 'coronula'). Pete will vouch for my credentials!

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