Thursday, 7 August 2014

Flying Visit to bag Beddington MEGA!!

Birding at Beddington Farm can be a bit of a roller coaster ride sometimes especially if you are at work and you know there is rough weather coming in and there are people at the Farm covering the pre storm period!!
(Glossy Ibis)
I received news of a Black tailed Godwit on the North lake this morning which was a small indication of what was to come. The story is as follows....With Dodge and company in the hide, Swift who never goes out in the rain pitches up raises his bins and in the calmest of voices said “ I’ve got a Glossy Ibis here!!”.... Kaboom phones start ringing messages are sent and for me the waiting game begins....

(Glossy Ibis)
Cutting a story short the bird was still there and looked in no hurry to go anywhere.The Ibis had found itself a rich food source and wasn't going to budge for anything... The odd disdainful look at the flighty gulls as they went skyward was the best reaction the Ibis gave to potential danger! It did however take part in a flying ant feast with the crows and gulls but had no intention of leaving... 

Most of the regulars made it and feasted their eyes on this MEGA for the Farm. Garry Messenbird made the trip from Sussex. Cementing his lead at the top of the Beddington bird species seen list!!

A second record for the Farm in as many weeks...The first bird did not stick around long enough! All I can say is from this flying visit is thanks to the bird for sticking around, thanks to British Rail and the news system worked Woo hoo!!


  1. Kojak, Luke Harrison and myself had some birding with you yesterday looking for the Cattle Egret. I'm the one with the pot belly and the busted scope. I wonder if you had had chance to look at your photos of the raptor we saw distantly whilst looking? Mine are poor but I am 95% certain it's another HB - let me know. Nice to meet you, I enjoyed our chat, cheers Gordon Shaw

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    1. Hi Gordon good to meet you both. I have sent you an email and some pics of the bird... I'm sure our paths will cross again Good Birding....Kojak