Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Scotland Day 5 - Dip does not put Dampner on the Day!

I went on my travels today in the hope of catching up with the Harlequin Duck at Brora. The drive from Boat of Garten is around 2hrs via Inverness. I arrived at around 0730hrs and looked for a suitable place to access the area. The car-park by the Golf Club seemed good and after a wander around this area it seemed to be where all the ducks divers terns and waders were.

The tide was on its way out and the sun (for once) was hindering visibility. I found a good spot and watched for an hour or so then went off for food returning when the sun had moved and the tide was beginning to come in bringing the birds in with it.

I saw a host of different birds many that I have not seen for several years having spent time birding in Paraguay and Surrey a landlocked county. There were plumage ticks in Black throated and red throated Divers, Long tailed Duck in a variety of plumages, Eider, Razorbill, Guillemot, Shag, Cormorant, redshank, Oystercatcher.

I could not find the Harlequin Duck and did not see another birder all the time I was there. I left at about 1400hrs having had my fill of a wonderful spread of birds!

I arrived back at Boat of Garden which is the only place I seem to have an internet connection and a phone signal is just out of the question anywhere up here. Checking RBA the Harlequin Duck was seen at Sputie Burn 2miles south of Brora around the time I left. Was I in the right place probably not!.. and there was no way of checking but I had had a great day just chilling in the sun enjoying birding like it must have been like in the old days! 

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