Sunday, 3 May 2015

High Expectations!

It was not only the birders that were up at stupid o clock this morning! A small matter of a boxing match was on the cards and well placed in the middle of a Bank holiday weekend.

I was a late arrival at The Farm at 6am the conditions looked ideal but were to prove to be tough going until Pinpoint pitched up and declared a Whimbrel on final approach to the North Lake! How does he do it apart from having sharp eyes of course!

The bird arrived just as the first wave of rain hit the Farm. Once this burst had past it was cleared for take-off and off it went!

A Hobby graced the hide with a couple of fly overs before zooming off site! The other hi-lites of the morning were LRP and Dunlin who flew south and were not stopping for anything! The male Wheatear was still on site and a group of Swift were seen hawking over 100 Acre during early afternoon.

The squabbling Lesser Whitethroat was in the same place at NW corner of the lake and this time I managed to get some shots of one of them. When you piece the sightings together it was not a bad collection of birds but the conditions had indicated there should have been more!

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