Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Everything terned out alright in the end!

These are nervous times if you are still amongst the ranks of the employed. The development of phone Apps, Twitter and bird services every buzz of your phone gives you that oh no what am I missing now moment before you peek at the content!

The Farm has been on somewhat of a roll in the last few days which I must say is overdue. But why can’t everything schedule itself for the weekend? 

Roy Dennis and I had taken an evening walk over to the lagoons to check on the Greenshank, Ruff and Wood Sand. The latter could not be found although it had been seen earlier on in the day. Roy had commitments so we parted company. I ventured down to the lagoons whilst Roy turned for home and flushed a Quail just off the rough vehicular path.

I was initially oblivious to this as I admired the Ruff on the lagoon. I looked up and saw Roy dancing and waving his arms around in an attempt to get my attention. I then realised my phones were going off in my waterproofs and then all became apparent that a Local Mega had been seen.

I ran up the muddy hill which must have been a sight to see in heavy mud laden wellies. Fortunately I had set up a group text and somewhere in that journey I sent the news out. At the top Roy was beside himself exclaiming “It’s a lifer for me!” 

Group members began to arrive and a plan was devised to cover the area of the mound. This was going to be like searching for a needle in a haystack. I remember the Canons Farm bird a few years ago which was only seen by lying down on a path and waiting for the bird to cross the path!  To cut this story short the bird was not re-found. Roy was happy but in the dog house having abandoned his commitments!

This morning started in the same vein as the last with Spotted Redshank seen over the South Lake. The days sightings seemed to dry up at the Farm but I noticed on RBA that the Earlswood Lakes a Black Tern was still present.

I had not seen a Black Tern in Surrey VC this year and set a plan to go and see it after work. I had hoped of seeing this species at the Farm over that last few days but it was not to be despite an invasion of birds around the coast and at inland reservoirs.

I arrived at the lakes amidst a monsoon like downpour and noticed a lone birder stood out in it scoping the tern. I soon realised that it was Devilbirder who announced its presence totally un-phased by the weather. I took the more pragmatic approach and waited for the rain to subside before having views before the tern mysteriously disappeared!

A short walk to the top lake had me relocate the tern sat on a small raised platform. A place which was to provide excellent photo opportunities! Satisfied with my quarry I returned to the car and headed home before the rush hour got into full swing.

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