Friday, 28 October 2016

Laguna Blanca - Another Double !!


The last couple of nights have been chilly with temperatures plummeting down to 9C. The lagoon was mist bound at stupid o clock this morning but the sun was up and that was not going to last for long.

I made my way round to the Seasonal Pond where the morning vigil would take place. The birds did not really come to life until the sun was high in the sky. But then it was the raptors and vultures time to enter stage left. Mississippi Kites were seen thermaling E over the forest some were juvenile birds.
A Roadside Hawk was next on the list followed shortly afterwards by Black Vulture. Then a Rufous thighed Kite wheeled above my head before a brief encounter with the Hawk before it sailed off E. Another life bird had made its way onto my Laguna Blanca list making my total for the reserve 241 (328 reserve total). Woo hoo!

I also manage to get some pictures of the Greater Ani which are growing in numbers around the Seasonal Pond today.

Add an Osprey to the day list it has just flown over the lagoon!


Jorge, Jeremy and I were sat outside the Museum cleaning boxes when Jorge suddenly said “Cardinal”. We both stopped and he repeated his short statement which had me looking nervously around “Donde?” I exclaimed as Red crested Cardinal was a reserve tick for me. Jorge then explained that the bird was in the dead tree. A quick look and I was sprinting over to the house to get my camera and binos (when will I learn!!). I returned to the beach and secured the record and marvelled at this stunning bird.

Outside the reserve this species is regularly seen in the populated areas but I have always wondered why more are not seen on the reserve. I guess the area is not populated enough for them?! Another species has joined my LB list which seems to be growing by the day.

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