Friday, 25 November 2016

Beddington Farm - Needle in a Haystack!!

The NE winds continue bringing an Iceland Gull to Beddington Farm late yesterday. These conditions are favourable for the Farm and had already shown their worth. The only snag is that the gulls these days are scattered all over the site. Numbers are around the 10k mark which means sifting through them would not be an easy task!

I arrived at the usual time of just before light o’clock and began scoping the North lake for a white winger. Instead I came across a female type Goosander swimming at the back of the remaining scrub on the far right hand side of a sunken island. The bird did not hang around for too long as it obviously saw the steady stream of gulls arriving and swiftly moved on! That was a pleasant surprise and only my third record at the Farm.

I continue to search for an Iceland Gull and was joined by the heavy artillery Pete “Pinpoint” Alfrey just after nine therefore two sets of eyes would surely succeed if there was one on site! Some four hours later and visits to the tip and anywhere else we could see gulls and not even a Caspo or YLG to show for our efforts! Stonechat and a group of Cormorants passing over and a Buzzard were slim reward but interesting all the same!

More NE tomorrow what will they bring!!

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