Monday, 15 May 2017

Beddington Farm - Spot Fly gets photo bombed!

The weather forecast is rarely right so I don’t know why I expected today to be any different. When I looked last night rain was forecast for later in the day which would give me enough time to cover 100 Acre and a bit beyond. At stupid o’clock off I set and made good time to start the day. The rain was obviously in a rush to reach the Farm too no sooner had I began my walk the heavens opened and continued sporadically throughout the morning.

As I was checking the beds to the E of the Incinerator I spied a Spotted Flycatcher which was sheltering out of the wind and rain. A couple of Greenfinch had other ideas about this and began harassing the bird. When they realized the paparazzi were present one paused and photo bombed a couple of my shots!

Not a bad find considering this is an area of the Farm which is rarely traversed. The height of the nettles and scrub had probably seen most people off. I was however pretty soaked by the end of my short journey around these beds.
Elsewhere there were a good number of Swift amongst the hirundines this morning. The Caspian Gull was on the North lake mid morning. Nice one DB!

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