Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Beddington Farm - In the Mix!

I have been keeping an eye on the Farm of late but have not been staking the place out as I would during migration. In the last day there has been steady rain which can always drop something in on the lakes. This morning I took a walk around the lakes and 100 Acre with a couple of House Martin and c50 Swift.
The Little Ringed Plover were on the South Lake along with a Redshank which had sought temporary sanctuary in between the mizzle. The largest of the Canada Goose flocks still has three Greylag in tow.
I had been ringing / banding with David Campbell on 100 Acre last Sunday producing out best return of birds thus far with 22 new birds being processed. Many of these birds were juveniles including Starling, Great Tit, Robin and Blackbird.
Last week I checked the nest-boxes with Derek Coleman and processed five, FL Tree Sparrow provided the second successful brood of this species this season.

During quieter periods I have been checking the sacrificial crops and lake edges for butterflies. I recorded a personal new Beddington record in Marbled White which have proved difficult to photograph but I am persisting and hope to complete the challenge before they move on.
On the mound Skippers, Meadow Brown and Green Veined White are present. The odd Brimstone is seen passing over the hill.
Small and Large White are seen along the path but are generally tricky to photograph.
Peacock and Red Admiral are far more obliging the latter claiming a nest box as a resting point.
Southern Damselfly (?) are also present on the mound stretching themselves out as they bask in the sun.
Small Tortoiseshell has been numerous on 100 Acre with c50 counted whilst checking the beds.

I don’t profess to be an expert of Butterflies and the like but they are a good distraction until migration starts to gain pace again!


  1. Hi Kojak nice post.
    Had plenty of butterflies at my school recently, with Ringlet and a couple of Marbled White too.
    Has there been a bit of an influx of these?

    1. Hi Arjun There have certainly been quite a few Marbled White in the area.

  2. Your blog title is really inspiring dear. Sometimes i really wish i could stop whatever i am doing and just go where the wind takes me takes me. Just like Jack in the Titanic. haha