Saturday, 6 October 2018

Rep of Georgia - Batumi Botanical Gardens - Krupers Nuthatch in the Bag!

I had taken the day off from the count to visit the Batumi Botanical Gardens. The gardens are situated close to the coast south of Batumi and are within walking distance of the house.

My intended quarry was to locate the Krupers Nuthatch which is resident in the pines within the gardens. I had prepared for a long day and with supplies camera and binos set off at reasonable o’clock along the path to the gardens.

Once inside the gardens I followed the main route down the winding path stopping at each cluster of pines and listened for any activity. After two hours I reached the Japanese Garden and all I had seen or heard were tits, chiffchaff and the odd flyover raptor. I decided to retrace my steps making my way back up the slope. 
At information board number 11 I heard Treecreeper and a woodpecker so decided to stop to watch a small flock of birds as they made progress through the trees. Initially there were no sign of the Nuthatch but then two birds came wheeling in across the path into the tree in front of me. I have inverted the above photo for easier viewing.
It seemed like a few seconds of chaos and the birds had moved on into the far pines but had I captured the moments. A quick flick through the pictures and it looked like a positive outcome. Relief and a smile mission accomplished!

I spent a further hour or so in the gardens with a certain spring in my step before exiting along the coast to head to Batumi for a celebratory lunch! Woo Hoo!

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