Saturday 27 April 2024

Dorset - Bardolf Farm - Pied Flycatcher Brightens up the Day!

The weather today looked dreary and cold but somehow interesting! I had breeding bird surveys to complete on the farm therefore my ears were pinned back hoping for something like a reeling Grasshopper Warbler as I completed my rounds.

The bird of the day was an immature male Pied Flycatcher whose thick wing bar caught my eye as I was negotiating the top end of the chalk quarry at the top of the ridge! Note the browner feathering through the coverts and primaries. The camera was deployed pretty quickly thanks to the new shoulder strap and Hugo was informed. 

This was a new species for my farm tally but there had not been one on the farm for a while therefore a good species to add to the year tally!

A Reed Warbler was also new for the year. There aren’t many areas to hold this species but they are almost annual!

A female Goosander was the last addition to the day before I made tracks and headed for home! Rain is forecast overnight therefore another visit in the morning may be worthwhile just in case something is downed in the rain!

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