Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Beddington Farm - Waders amidst a purple patch!!

Having heard via the BFBG jungle drums that the Cattle Egret had flown over to the tip and Pete Alfrey was not going to get to the Farm until 1930hrs. I made my way back over to the Farm at a leisurely pace to act as an extra pair of eyes for the search which could be an extensive one.
On arrival the bird was not visible so I took a walk around the E side of the lake to see an Egret resting in a small island inlet. A few photos later and a view through a scope and the Cattle Egret was back in the game! Pete was not far away so the evenings aim was also to be fulfilled.

Devilbirder was the last key-holder in attendance that evening. A conversation between the three of us ensued as the bird was observed commuting between the tern raft and Elands Island where it was last seen going to roost.

This morning the bird was not re located by Frank on dawn patrol. I took a walk around the lakes and a visit to 100 Acre where the Wood Sandpiper was still in its favourite corner! The Farm has hit a purple patch with a first, and the third Surrey record of this species!
A flock of Greenshank were the highlight of the tour. They were clearly looking to land on the North Lake which was still high and unable to accommodate such a group.
Pete had a Wheatear on the mound wrapping up the mornings migrants!