Thursday, 21 September 2017

Costa Rica - Storm in San Francisco!

The San Francisco species tally was helped by a brief storm which had what I believe is a Dark Pewee seeking sanctuary of a high tree branch at the entrance to the village. As soon as the insects emerged it was busy feeding away returning to the same spot. This matches the behaviour of the bird but it is suggested this species is confined to 1100+m elevations in the central highlands of Costa Rica.
The hummingbirds were also seeking sanctuary of branches rather than chasing each other around the numerous flowering gardens with flowering plants. A female Green breasted Mango struck an elegant pose for long enough to capture the moment.
A male White Necked Jacobin was far more productive on the Laguna side of the village taking short rapid flights between flowers.
I was called into a garden to look at the Collared Aracari and found a Masked Tityra at the top of the tree. This was a pleasant surprise and a species I was familiar with from my time in Paraguay.
Black Bellied Plover has been present in the last couple of days on the beach perhaps another victim of the stormy weather.
A regular but very spotty Spotted Sandpiper was as close range on the west shore giving excellent photo opportunities. Most of the birds seen here are not in breeding plumage.