Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Great Gulls!

 I took a flying visit to the Farm to find out from Glenn and Tank that an Iceland Gull had been seen. A check of the lake later and the gull had not been re-located. A walk onto the tip with Pinpoint would be more fruitful with a Mediterranean Gull being the first to show itself directly off the tip.

A few of the gulls had taken to low flight above the tip when Pinpoint exclaimed “Iceland” and there it was directly above my head. The camera was put to work before we both returned to lower ground and the Sand Martin bank.

The next entrant into the Farmlands made Pete’s heart jump a beat or two as there had recently been a Hen Harrier over the Farm which was incidentally a Farm tick for him. Enter stage left a male Marsh Harrier which received the usual get off our land welcome from the resident birds.

The Pintail was still present on the lake amongst a stack load of gulls that push all the wildfowl into the margins of the lake. Not a bad visit at all!