Sunday, 9 June 2013

Bee-eater Bonanza!

Another bird that keeps eluding me is the European Bee-Eater. Many sightings are flyovers and with that you have to be there to see or hear it. A single bird had been frequenting the Pegwell Bay area and looking at today’s weather there was a good chance it would stick around for a while.

I arrived at the site at around 12.30pm and was informed that the bird had not been seen for around half an hour. I walked the area chatting to other birders hoping for an update on the bird but things were looking grim!

After over an hour there was the first report of views of the bird in the central area behind the hide. This area was a mix of low bushes small trees and scrub.

After wandering between areas the bird had been seen Duncan and I had the briefest of views of the bird in flight. I went along the outer path to investigate when further views of the bird hawking bees emerged.
(European Bee-eater)
The bird was very mobile and was feeding utilising the whole area, and perched up on bushes allowing the small gathering of birders good views.

(European Bee-eater)
Another bug bird bites the dust!

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