Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Surrey Quays Part II !

Having done the rounds on the birding internet sites I noticed that the female Long Tailed Duck had returned to Canada Water at Surrey Quays. The journey to Canada Water is a tube ride from where I work so I packed my binoculars and SLR along with my Spanish books this morning. On the train I feel like Kojak aged 4 reading “Ricitos de Oro y los tres osos” in the morning but despite some strange looks its good practice time.

At work I have managed to generate some interest in my hobby through my blog and adventures in Paraguay. The topic this week was the small article in The Metro about the invasion at Trimley Marshes at the weekend and yes I was one of the many to invade the small village on Sunday!

Entering into the spirit of things I mentioned that I had visited Surrey Quays on Saturday and the Long Tailed Duck had hidden itself away only for that day though! This caused some mild amusement!

Today was going to be different, confident I was going to see the bird I trotted off onto the District line changing at Westminster getting on the Jubilee line to Canada Water. Easy!
(Long Tailed Duck)
On first look at the small area of water I could not see the bird but then it popped up on the far side of the water. I walked round and I guess it had been expecting me waving its wings as it flapped bolt upright in the water. “I’m here over here!” Told you I had been reading kids storybooks!
(Long Tailed Duck)
“What took you so long I’ve been here for ages?!” The female then swam around on its own keeping a safe distance away from me. I didn’t have any bread therefore could not test that theory out! I certainly would not expect to see a Long Tailed Duck at this time of year and this one was sticking around! But the weather has thrown in some late surprises this year!
(Common Tern)
The other species of note were Common Tern. They were resting on the row of pontoons between fishing expeditions. Too many more visits here and I will have a site list! 

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