Sunday, 14 September 2014

(Os) for more good birds!!

The run of North Easterly winds have continued into the weekend. Cloud cover has varied but once again has left the Farm with favourable conditions for rarities. Sunday is also a good day to watch the ringers in action and get some more photos for my Beddington Gallery.

I arrived at around 7am Dodge and Mike had already taken birds out of nets. There wasn't as much cloud cover as I had expected but the wind was fairly strong which was a promising sign!
(Cetti's Warbler)
The first rarity of the day came from the nets. A Cetti’s Warbler had presented me with a rare photo opportunity whilst the bird was processed and then released.
Pinpoint and Nick arrived on site shortly after. Pinpoint stating “This is dangerous weather!” which normally means the chance of a Skua but there had not been any reported around the Thames basin in recent days.
Dark cloud was moving in from the NE and the second Osprey of the year appeared from the west side of the North Lake. This had Pinpoint briefly struggling for words before he shouted up (Pinpoint and I were the only ones in the hide!!) the last bird had also appeared on the previous Sunday. The bird departed south after some quick snapping from cameras!
This was turning into a good mornings birding with Buzzard, hirundines and Snipe moving through the Farm. The nets produced more regular species to the Farm and of course more photo opportunities during the processing stage.
(Sedge Warbler)
The weather continues into next week but low cloud and some rain wouldn't go a miss!!