Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Sparrowhawk silences garden!!

My garden on a normal day is a hive of activity with House Sparrow chirping away as they visit the feeders. Collared Dove, Wood and Feral Pigeon are just as regular on the ground feeder.
There are hazards for these birds the main threat being local cats which I have cause to chase out the garden on a regular basis. There is a less frequent threat in the form of a Sparrowhawk which is normally only seen as it flies away as I go bowling into the kitchen.

About a week ago there was an almighty commotion from the bushes in the garden. I stepped out into the garden and saw a female type Sparrowhawk fly out of the bush and through the gap between the shed and the back fence. Will I ever get photos of this species in the garden I thought to myself!

Today was like any other day the feeders were topped up before I left for work. I returned home and all seemed as usual with birds making busy feeding in the garden. I was in the front room pottering about when I realized that all had become very quiet in the garden!!

I walked into the kitchen approaching the windowed doors and there was not a bird to be seen. This was odd but then I caught the movement of a head within the confines of the pond. Three thoughts rapidly went through my mind Raptor, then Sparrowhawk and why didn’t I pick up my camera!!

I made a careful withdrawal from the window and legged it into the front room set the camera regained my composure and snuck up to the doors. Bounding around like a Bull in a china shop had cost me pictures of a Waxwing a couple of winters back!

I rolled off a few shots and the bird moved up onto the edge of the birdbath. Fantastic I couldn’t believe my luck! The male then hopped into the bath and started drinking and washing up! A good few more shots later and I left the bird to finish its bath.

What a wonderful experience and I didn’t even have to leave the house!!

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