Sunday, 18 January 2015

Firecrest saves the day!!

I had a late start today and decided to spend time away from the minefield of birding politics. The day was pretty non productive having spent time looking for the Smew with Blinkman.

On the way home I decided to visit a couple of sites where Firecrest have been seen in the past.
The first stop was Banstead Downs Golf Course where Firecrest have been very reliable over the last few years. Devilbirder put the pathway between houses and the golf course on the map for this species.

The skies had cleared and there was a slight breeze and the sun had even made an appearance so conditions were good. But would this species be as obliging.
I walked a fair way down the path when I heard a Firecrest call and then a second bird appeared and chased the first bird off. The victorious bird perched up looking around for the other which was now on the other side of the path.

Fortunately I had set the camera up further along the path and quickly fired some shots off before the two birds continued their game of chase through the ivy. Both birds disappeared almost as quickly as they arrived and I left them to their game of cat and mouse.
(Seears Park bird last year)
The second site was Seears Park Cheam, where I had found Firecrest last year. The noise from the A217 was deafening and after a search of the conifers I was unable to locate this species. 

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