Saturday, 24 January 2015

Garden Tick!

During the run up to the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch I have been paying particular attention to the garden around dusk. I have nine feeders including ground feeders which I stock with husk free sunflower hearts, mixed and high protein seed, fat balls, a pear bin, chopped apples and a bird bath to wash the gourmet meal down.
(Stock Dove)
I have numerous feral type pigeons that visit the garden but on Monday evening I spied a Stock type Dove on the ground feeder. I fired off some pictures of the bird and carried on with the events that a working week has in store for me. I had every intention of checking the photos but did not get around to it until today.

My garden list stood at 43 species with no new ticks for two years. The last tick was a Waxwing on 3rd February 2013. Garden tick number 44 Stock Dock which is probably not the most glamorous of birds but just shows that one eye should always be kept on the garden!

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