Sunday, 22 February 2015

First Farm Kite of the Year!

The weather forecasts have predicted a heavy storm coming in from the West. The morning was sunny with cloud moving in by the afternoon with the storm taking full effect by the evening. This sounded like good Farm weather and when the storm started performing I could continue birding from the tin hut! It seemed that I was the only one on site which I thought was strange on a day which had potential! (Nick was on site)

(Red Kite)
I have had fantastic views of Red Kite this weekend and I looked at the skies and considered the possibility of one passing over the Farm. I arrived just before eleven and set up on the sand martin bank and began scanning the skies. Within about ten minutes I spied two Corvids mobbing a raptor moving south on the West side of the Farm. It did not take long to establish that the raptor was a Red Kite and the camera was put to work in capturing the moments as it evaded the aggressors attentions.

(Get off our land!)
The afternoon moved on with the skies becoming darker and the wind was certainly picking up! When the rain started I moved into the tin hut which has a more restricted view but at least it was dry.
A Moorhen wanted to join me sheltering from the elements but had a last minute change of mind. That is how grim it was getting outside the hut!

My spirits were lifted when four Dunlin appeared out of the low cloud and negotiated their way over the far side of the lake before disappearing over the mound. There were no gulls on the lake why didn’t they come down. I did manage a couple of shots but they were poor.

I think the Dunlin made the right decision not to stick around because I stayed having been fired up by their fleeting visit and I wondered why at times as the hut shook in the wind and rattled in the driving rain!! I stuck it out until dusk and then legged it for the car and home! 

Note to self: Perhaps I should go on garden watch I don't have Red Kite on my Garden list!

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