Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Beddington Farm - Sabine's Gull on the lakes!

Life has been a bit hectic of late with the new football season getting underway. Sutton Utd has a new Club shop which needed help to fit out in readiness for the opening game which was live on BT Sport. The weather was looking good today but I noticed a shift in the arrival of the rain and decided to have a lie in having travelled to Eastleigh last night for the game. This was a big mistake on the birding front, but the eagle eyed Pete Alfrey was on duty at the Farm with Tank and Frank.
The inevitable happened as news broke of an adult Sabine’s Gull on the North lake. Not only was this a Beddington tick having missed the other three records due to my incessant urge to travel at the wrong times of the year it was also a Surrey Vice County tick!

The drive to the Farm I liken to one of those computer games where to survive you have to dodge the obstacles that are thrown in front of you and increase in pace the more skilful you become! I did not break the land speed record but must have been close to it. I sprinted over Mile Road bridge arriving at the South Lake slightly soaked as the rain intensity was increasing.
Frank and Philip had their scopes on the bird and bingo a Beddington blocker had finally been bagged! As time went on more birders arrived to twitch the bird and I retreated to the hide.

My Beddington Farm total stands at 186 and Surrey Vice County total at 230 species subject to acceptance by the records committee!
Needless to say I will be on my travels again and the rain is probably only considered a light shower where I will be staying! I am certain to miss a good bird or two but this gull was one I never thought I would catch up with at the Farm. Woo Hoo!

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  1. Well done mate. Predictably I was in London all day working all day!