Saturday, 23 June 2018

Southeast - Here There and Everywhere!

It has been fairly quiet of late which in a way has been a good thing. I am a keen soccer fan and the World Cup in Russia has had me glued to the TV screen for the latter half of the day. The schedule of the games has also slotted in nicely with the surveys that I have been completing.
Beddington has been alive with family groups of wildfowl and passerines and pairs that have stuck around and have not been successful in breeding on the site.
Lapwings are resident on site and at this time of year are scattered around the sludge beds with the occasional bird visible on the lakes.
Kestrel is resident taking advantage of the plentiful food source that scurrying about in the grass. The pylons are good vantage points and resting places for individuals that are constantly on the lookout for a meal.
I have also been on my travels visiting sites that have raptor watch points hoping to chance upon a Honey Buzzard or even a passing Black Kite which still eludes my UK list. No luck so far but I am hoping my persistence will pay off with pictures of my quarry! One visit cost me the Savi's Warbler at Barnes but hopefully with the climate as it is that will be the first of many! 
The wind will be taking me to Eastern Europe in the autumn where I will be joining the Batumi Raptor Count for the season’s raptor migration. Preparation for this trip is underway with the aid of Forsman’s raptor id books. There is a link below if you would like more information on joining the count.

The winter winds will take me to Australia with a stop off in Singapore. This means more time spent with my head in bird books but for me the planning stage is a big feature of my birding adventures!

Looking forward to both and England winning the World Cup! The latter may be a wish too far!!  

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