Saturday, 19 July 2014

Wandering Whimbrel!!

After a stormy night and a little sleep I got up at stupid o’clock looking and feeling like Golem!! There was a brief respite in the rain so off I trudged to Beddington Farm.

The Farm is at its best when the weather is rotten and this morning was one of these occasions!! Glen and Tank had also struggled sleeping both arriving at almost mad o’clock. The morning started slowly with a walk to the lagoons which was totally devoid of waders. I spied four waders moving around on the lake but could not decipher what they were before they dropped out of sight.

A scan of same resulted in Little Ringed Plovers, Common Sandpipers, Snipe and a Little Egret that dropped in! A few Cormorants were flying around and the cloud was beginning to close in!
The skies were still looking good. Glen and Tank had gone for a wander around the lake and I stood post at the hide. Just before the rain got into full flow I heard calls from the skies. A small flock of Whimbrel who were obviously in a hurry to go somewhere, so much so they didn’t even seem to look at the lake and they departed SW.
(3/4 flock of Whimbrel)
Pete Alfrey joined the crew but there was no more excitement until it was time to go home and sleep it must have been at least 10am! A few hours later and feeling refreshed I met Pete back at the Farm to wait for the next storm which didn’t happen! 
(Mute Swan)
Beautiful sunny skies prevailed so a bit of photo practice before returning home for...yes another sleep!!

More storms forecast tonight what will tomorrow bring!!

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