Saturday, 24 January 2015

Tank Tours Turn up Trumps!!

This morning it was time to join Tank tours to see if lightning would strike again during a walk around the farm. The target species was Lesser Spotted Woodpecker and myself, Glen and the tour guide set off in search of this tricky species.

Conditions were good a slight breeze, the sun was coming up and skies were clear. On arrival at the area the Lesser Pecker had been seen there were allot of passerines moving around in the trees. The early signs were promising but the Lesser Pecker was nowhere to be seen.
(Lesser Spotted Woodpecker)
This was always going to be a game of patience but the trio were kept busy looking through Blue, Great and Long tailed Tit, Great Spotted and Green Woodpecker also made an appearance before the prize entered from stage left.

The tour was held up by a small group of Crests as they flitted restlessly through the trees but there was no confirmed fire in the hole on this occasion!

Happy with their lot we made our way back to the hide via an assault course of mud, which was apparently all part of the tour experience! We met up with Pinpoint and the Tice’s gang who had been looking at the Tree Sparrows on the far side of the farm.

(Yellow legged Gull)
Pinpoint who is a true gull “guru” of epic proportions found a 2w Yellow legged Gull on the lake before people parted company. Nick had seen the Garganey but the Tice’s gang had already left before he had returned with news of this long staying bird.

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