Monday, 13 April 2015

Migrant Mania on my doorstep!!

Having spent half the weekend at the Farm with minimal movement of migrants I moved my attentions to Tice’s Meadow where I caught up with the regulars as well as landing Grey Plover, Nightingale, Oystercatcher, bathing Red Kite and a Coot that came to a sticky end at the talons of a Buzzard.

I was back at work today and the law of “Sod” was bound to strike at the Farm. This morning there was a fall of birds at the Farm. I caught up with news on the way home from work whilst making a decision to attempt to catch up with some of the days migrants.

I met Pinpoint at the hide and the search was on. Common Sandpipers were feeding with a Green Sandpiper on the South Lake. Shortly after that the first of many Wheatear made an appearance on one of the release valves. A second Sedge Warbler was heard from a reedbed parkside.

Pinpoint and I parted company after he spied a Redshank on the lagoons and I wandered through the works area to search Pongo park and the sludge beds. A couple of Green Sandpipers were seen in flight on the way to 100 Acre.

The pair of Garganey were still on Jim’s bed remaining on the far side of the water. Two pairs of Shelduck were also present on the island.

I could not find the Redstart so I used the text a friend option (Dodge) and quickly established I was looking at the wrong side of the scrub. The male Redstart was feeding along the edge of the trees hawking insects and dropping to the ground to feed.

Pinpoint in the meantime had seen more Wheatear on the plough on the side of the mound and he departed for his brothers place leaving me to set up along parkside in the vein hope that a Ring Ouzel would appear from the bushes.

Just as I thought the day was coming to an end text messages shook my phone and I was making my way to Pete’s brothers. Pinpoint had only found 4 Ring Ouzel and 9 Wheatear in his brothers back yard. This was just crazy stuff but I arrived in time and saw three Ouzel and five Wheatear.

Now thats what I call a fall of birds! I could not believe I had caught up on all the days new birds! Thankd Dodge and Pinpoint!!

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