Sunday, 23 August 2015

Wood you believe it!

The forecast looked reasonably good today with a large front coming in from the SW with heavy rain showers. I arrived at the Farm at 6am and set my stall up on my regular spot “Kojak’s Corner”. Three Yellow Wagtails were soon spied making tracks South in somewhat of a hurry!

I heard the calls of several Green Sandpipers on the North Lake and soon had a group of six birds flying low over the lake. After settling for a while the same group took to the skies and headed off South. I thought that would be the last I would see of them.

About ten minutes later a group of Green Sandpipers appeared low over the lake completing a circuit. But this time there were seven birds one with a pale under-wing and projecting legs a Wood Sandpiper. I rattled off a few shots which gave enough to confirm the bird id but the group landed on the far island and settled long enough for good views in the telescope. The Green Sandpipers flew off towards 100 Acre soon after.

I decided to check 100 Acre in the hope that the Wood Sandpiper had re located there giving me some better photo opportunities. A Greenshank had been seen by Glen and Tank the previous day and maybe there would be other waders on Jim’s and the Mitigation scrape.

As I was walking along the East side of the lake I noticed the Wood Sandpiper was still present on the lake. My digi-scoping equipment was put to reasonable use before I made my way to 100 Acre in search of the Greenshank.

The mitigation scrape held the majority of the Green Sandpipers they flew to Jim’s bed joining the Greenshank that was feeding at the NE end. This area was also covered with Moorhens so I scanned the edges of the reeds just in case a Spotted Crake had decided to join them. A couple of Common Sandpipers were feeding along the edges of the scrape.

The Greenshank re-located itself to the mitigation scrape where I went into stealth mode to get a few pictures of it. Not very good ones at that! I returned to “Kojaks Corner” and dug myself in for preparation for the heavy showers that battered my brolly!

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