Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Laguna Blanca Tern ed out well!

It feels as though it has been raining forever at Laguna Blanca. What is assured of is when it stops there will be birds to be found on the reserve.

The first rarity did not wait for the rain to stop and turned up during the mizzle on Monday 30th. I saw a gull like bird over the stream which had me running into the house to grab bins and camera. I missed the last gull on the reserve having been engaged in trail cutting in the Atlantic Forest!

I soon realised that the bird was a tern by the way it was fishing near to the bridge over the almost river like stream. The Large-billed Tern was happily fishing away and did not pay too much attention to the nutcase that was legging it in its direction!

These birds do not stay for long and it was the same for this bird as it worked its way along the beach.

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