Monday, 27 June 2016

Argentina La Balandra - Bird Tour Part 2

The next stop in the tour would take us to La Balandra which is a popular spot by the river in the summer for local people to relax. It is where the days target bird also hangs out in the reeds. The Red and White Crake is a tricky character and brief views of the bird were possible. I knew this was not going to be easy but Mark was confident we would see this skulking species.

A stop along the road to the entrance to watch a splendid White-banded Mockingbird was a brief diversion from our goal. But we were soon checking the areas of reeds waiting for a call announcing the birds presence.

A Plumbeous Rail appeared from the reeds during the search nervously looking about in its hunt for a tasty morsal.

The Crake was proving to be as tricky as was expected with the odd random call but no movement towards small clearings in the thick reed-bed. After a walk around the area we returned to our first stake out point where the Crake eventually put in a good but brief appearance. Woo hoo!

The final stop of the day would take us back to Reserva Costanera Sur to find the Red Fronted Coot which I had bypassed on my first visit. The day was closing in by the time we arrived and the waterway busy with roosting birds. Around eighty Great White Egrets were seen arriving in small groups to line the reed-beds.

A Coypu was observed swimming across the waterway taking position on a small island and a turtle was seen on one of the small islands. A fitting end to the day in which Mark had been the perfect host providing a wealth of information about the areas we had visited and the birds! Many thanks for a wonderful day!

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