Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Laguna Blanca - Life Birds form a Queue!!

I have been back on the survey trail this week and it has turned out to be eventful with two life birds seen on the reserve. The first on 24th was during a survey of the lagoon when I picked up in the binos some dancing gallinules above the reeds along the E side of the lagoon.  I set the telescope up on the area and hoped that the birds would perform again. After about ten minutes I saw an Azure Gallinule pop up into the air and drop down again into the reeds. These birds are usually present during the summer months but I had not connected with this species before. Woo hoo number one!

Today the 25th I was walking the Mboijaguar trail when the jays started kicking up a commotion and a broad winged long tailed raptor with a Goshawk like appearance appear from the Transitional Forest. I managed to fire off a couple of shots as the Crane Hawk dropped over the tree-line and sailed away from the commotion. Lifer number 2, Woo hoo!!

There are still new species being added to the year list. A small group of Streamer Tailed Tyrant were seen along the lagoon edge during the Lagoon survey.

Sunday 23rd saw twelve Mississippi Kite thermalling NW over the beach. Brown Chested Martin also made an appearance over my head as I took advantage of the sun which incidentally has taken temperatures into the forties over the last week!

Two more surveys to go what will be next??!

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