Saturday, 24 December 2016

Beddington Farm - Seasons Greetings Birdland!

I took the short trip to Beddington Farm with the previous days storm in my mind! Perhaps something had been forced down by the high wind and rain. It was fairly fresh out with a SW to W blow which had me seeking refuge in the hide. My corner was definitely out of bounds today!

I set up and started scanning the North Lake which was littered with gulls. The ducks that were present had been pushed into the margins, which is common when the landfill is operational. I spied a couple of male Pintail along the eastern edge of the lake.

The gulls became restless as a bird with a streamer flew over the lake forcing groups to head for the skies until the apparent danger had passed. The Pintail took a while but joined the semi chaos above the water circling round rejoining the lake where they had left it. Both birds relocated to Elans Island later on in the morning.

Pheasants became very rare at the Farm until recently with three female and two males present on a daily basis. They have found the hidden feeders and clear up any of the mess the other birds leave behind. They will obviously be lying low for a few days until the festivities are over!

After a catch up with Glenn, Tank and Swift I popped into the adjacent Park to see a very tame but amazing colourful male Mandarin who seems to be in residence on the lake. It has claimed a small rock under a willow and does not take kindly to anything else that moves into its territory. It has popped in at the Farm but only briefly.

I hope that you all have a fantastic Christmas and maybe there will be a fall of birds before the New Year. But the weather is looking mild which may end my chances of Geese at the Farm... 

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