Sunday, 23 July 2017

Beddington Farm - Garganey Grounded by Storm!

Today’s visit to the Farm was two fold one to complete a WeBS count the other with a feint expectation of what the storm might have dropped in. Every corner of the site would be covered. After yesterdays torrential rain the ground was always going to be on the soggy side and difficult in parts to traverse but my objective was clear.

The focus today was on ducks and shorebirds so without wasting any time I started at the North lake. It did not take long to spy a Garganey in front on the main island. The bird was roosting on the water behind the raft.
The next challenge was to get some pictures of the bird. The path along to Eland’s Island was clear so I took a short walk along the lakes perimeter and then waited for the bird to stir. Some thirty minutes later and the bird was contently feeding on the green algae.

A group from the Croydon RSPB was on site this morning and the Garganey was the perfect start to their day. The group observed a Peregrine that had taken a disliking to a Kestrel that was hunting over the South Lake and a short pursuit ensued but lunch was not served as a result!

The rest of the morning was also productive with Common Sandpiper, Little Ringed Plover, Green Sandpiper and Lapwing making up the species of shorebird. The ducks were represented by single figures of Gadwall, Teal, and Shoveler. Mallard and Tufted completed the species list.
A Little Egret had snuck onto the North Lake by the time the group had made it to the top of the landfill.

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