Sunday, 13 August 2017

Beddington Farm - Wood Sandpiper still present!

I was at the Farm at reasonable o clock this morning to carry out the monthly BTO WeBS waterfowl and wader survey. I must confess to a slight lie in after a late return from an away day to watch Sutton Utd beat the National League favourites Tranmere Rovers!

The water levels on the lakes are still high with plenty of algae covering parts of the lake. A keen eye was needed to count the Little Grebe and other ducks that take advantage of this windfall of food. A Common Sandpiper and a couple of Little Egret that were partially hidden in the scrub on the main island were the hi-lights.
100 Acre was to produce the bird of the day. A Wood Sandpiper that is turning out to be somewhat of a long staying bird in this area. This bird was loosely associating with Green Sandpiper who were very skittish leaving the former behind in the NE corner of Jim’s bed.

I have a busy week ahead getting my kit together for my forthcoming trip but hope to spend some time walking / banding at the Farm.

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