Friday, 24 May 2013

Red-rumped Swallow at Beddington Farm!

I work near Earls Court these days so when news of a Red-rumped Swallow (RRS) at Beddington Farm broke I had to sit tight and hope that the bird remained. Today there was a good chance this would happen with rain across most of the capital.

It is surprising how slow trains travel when you need to get somewhere in a hurry. I was getting regular updates and was on course to seeing my first UK RRS. Yes my first one... having dipped two in Surrey (one a couple of weeks ago at the farm) and in various other counties over the years!

The weather was still poor when I arrived but could see a small group of birders on the mound overlooking the South lake. I spoke to Dodge and Devilbirder and the bird came into view at the spit in the middle of the lake. Woo hoo!! UK, Surrey and my 176 patch tick!!
(Red-rumped Swallow)
Now to take a picture of the bird! This could be tricky in the wind and rain! The swallows moved to the North lake with the RRS following. Dodge and I positioned ourselves on the edge of the lake. The bird was frequenting the same area between the islands. I fired off a heap of shots and managed to get record shots of the bird.
(Red-rumped Swallow)
By now I was freezing cold! I have not got to grips with the change in temperature since I returned from living in Paraguay. But I was happy a bug bird finally in the bag! 

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