Thursday, 2 May 2013

Thank You Para La Tierra!

MAY 1st

Wednesday evening the gang took a trip out into nightjar land and after a long search a White winged Nightjar was found in all its glory. What an amazing bird this is and it is sad that it is on the critically endangered list. Laguna Blanca is one of three sites that still have a population of this species. I have seen evidence of how farmland is swallowing up the forest and surrounding land and hope that nightjar land will not suffer the same end!
(White winged Nightjar)
I only have a couple of days left at Laguna Blanca before returning to Asuncion for two days before flying home. The internet can be patchy so I am taking this opportunity to say I have had a fantastic experience at Laguna Blanca and would like to thank the Para La Tierra staff Karina, Joe, Helen, Becca and JP for making this trip a memorable one. I would also like to thank Paul Smith from Fauna Paraguay who has been a great help in identifying and giving advice on locating some of the more tricky species.
(Heraclides Thoax)
Thanks also to Fatima, Jorge and Pequenita (Naomi aged 5) who have both helped me improve my Spanish. I never thought I would be on the receiving end of a stern look from a five year old when I use the wrong verb tense but hilarious all the same! I can also hoola hoop! Thank you to Griselda (Pequenitas mum) for cooking fantastic meals and washing my field clothes many of which won’t make it home!
(Pyblia Hyberia)
I will miss the banter and the monkeying around in the forest with Becca. Also the early morning rowing out onto the lake with Sean and dealing with the snappy Piranha! I hope the bird survey work with “My birding friend” continues to bring in new data. I will keep in touch with the many friends I have made here and wish them every success with their studies.
(Rio Tropical Racer)
As Sjouke would say  “And he’s gone!”........

But I am certain the wind will bring me back to Laguna Blanca again!!

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  1. Kevin,
    Thanks for driving me around and all the birds!
    Sure I will come over to the UK for some real European birds (and ducks & gulls)!