Sunday, 12 May 2013

Scramble to Beddington Farm!

This morning had me leap into semi panic mode as Dodge text me with news of a Red rumped Swallow on  100 Acre. I have successfully missed this bird in Surrey and on other numerous occasions outside the county. This species is not a lifer but a UK, Surrey and Beddington tick so into overdrive I went!

The bird had been found by Derek Coleman whilst he was taking a tour around the Farm. Derek has found a few good birds over the years and is always so calm and matter of fact about his finds! On arriving there were a small group of the Beddington faithful searching for the bird which had not been re located.

A walk around the Farm ensued checking every hirundine that passed by! A few year ticks were picked up along the way Swift, House Martin, Swallow, Chiffchaff, Reed Warbler, Sedge Warbler, and Lesser Whitethroat.
(Eurasian Swallow)
The weather was due to close in and rain was forecast later in the afternoon so an executive decision was made to return and continue the hunt when the weather would force the hirundines low over the lakes.
I dropped Dodge off and returned to the Farm at around 5pm. There had not been any further sign of the bird but at least now there was cloud and some rain!
(Tufted Duck)
The bird was not re located after a good search through the hirundines on the lake. There were a few ducks on the lake only joking! I wonder if it will re-appear tomorrow! 


  1. DUCKS!

    Still miss them in rainy Paraguay....


    1. Karina said the weather wasn't great. Its cold here!

      I thought you would like the duck comment!

      How are the plantations? Apart from wet lol!