Sunday, 8 September 2013

Duck Fest!

Thursday 5th September

(Egyptian Goose)
The evenings are drawing in with darkness falling just after 8pm. This is a good time of year as duck numbers are on the increase and I do like ducks!! I took the oportunity to to complete an evening Timed Species Count. The trains were kind to me on Thursday so I took advantage of this and whizzed over to Beddington Farm.
(Eurasian Wigeon)
New species are still appearing in each of the three areas. Tonight was to be the highest species counts for the Lakes and 100 Acre. The path had its lowest number of species but I think this was due to it being the third area covered which ended at dusk. 
(Common Sandpiper)
The sludge beds on 100 Acre are looking more inviting to birds with small pools of water on many of them following the rain. This also disperses the waders which makes counting tricky as many birds move beds when you approach them. 

Sunday 8th September

(Eurasian Kestrel)
The weather this afternoon looked interesting with showers from 1pm. The wind for Beddington Farm was not ideal S to SW but there was always a chance of bumping into something good. I stuck with the McMillan twenty species lists and spent the majority of the afternoon at the lakes completing four lists.
(Common Buzzard)
There were good movement of Hirundines with double figure House Martin and Sand Martin. A Swallow was not noted until later on in the afternoon. Common Buzzard and a Hobby were seen prior to the showers.
(Tufted Duck)
I took a walk around the South lake in search of a Garganey but only found Teal a Wigeon and a small flock of Lapwing. A juvenile Garganey was later re located on the North lake.  A Whinchat had been seen on one of the islands earlier in the day. Common and Green Sandpiper made an appearance on the North lake.
(Dark skies ahead!!)
I took a walk around 100 Acre with Tank Green Sandpiper were the only species of note in this area. The skies were looking menacing at this point so it was time to make tracks back to the hide or get soaked. Strangely enough the main belt of rain missed the farm but Wallington and Croydon seemed to take the brunt of the downpour!

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