Sunday, 22 September 2013

They All Count!

Beddington Farm is the only place I venture out to these days. Five minute journey no traffic jams to contend with and of course there is the distinct possibility of the unexpected especially at this time of year!

Bird of the day turned up mid morning Pinpoint Pete Alfrey phoned me with news of his find a Grasshopper Warbler on the mound. Once again I was mid count and some distance away! The Gropper was only seen once skulking away as they do so well.  I decided to continue on with my counts waiting for further news!
(Blue Tit)
There was a good movement of Swallows today and the Starlings were also having a feast under the low cloud but there was little wind to encourage a stream of migrants. A Greenshank was seen on one of the sludge beds by 100 Acre. I think there must have been a Robin convention along the path though!
(Grey Heron)
I decided to sit the afternoon out in the hide and complete a McMillan count as well as mess around with digi-scoping. This method of photography I have neglected since buying a SLR but it can still pay dividends with birds seen at distance. Mid afternoon I saw a single wader flying high E but it was too high and did not call but it did inspire a walk over to the lagoons to see if the bird had dropped down onto this area.
The lagoons are an area of sludge beds in front of the works area which attract waders when the water levels are low enough in this area. Today they held a few Pied Wagtails but sadly no waders could be found.

A dozen Linnet and a Skylark (once common on the Farm) were the only birds that were seen on the mound on the trail to and from this area. 


  1. A Long-legged Buzzard, Arctic Warbler and a Rufous-tailed Scrub Robin.... Thats all we have to deal with in The Netherlands these days ;)
    My first birding opportunity is next Sunday.... Fingers crossed for the Scrub Robin (1st for Netherlands)


    1. Hope you get to see the Robin....!

      My fingers are crossed for you my birding friend!