Sunday, 6 September 2015

Barred Warbler on the Moors!

I spent the morning at the Farm with the Barred Warbler at Staines Moor pecking away at my mind. Even revolutionary and Beddington Observatory inhabitant Pete "Pinpoint" Alfrey had made the reasonably short journey to see this rare London / Spelthorne (Surrey!!) bird. I can't remember too many birds he has twitched outside the Farm!

I cannot explain why I had not been to see this bird earlier during the weekend. But when Pinpoint reported the bird was showing frequently and there were only a few onlookers I made a swift exit from Kojak’s corner to see the bird.

I was wearing in a new pair of walking boots. This came off the good idea list as I made the trek across the moors to join a very small group who were watching a couple of bushes laden with berries.

The Barred Warbler did not take long to show itself as it tucked in to the feast of berries on the bushes. A couple of minutes later the bird would disappear into cover only to emerge again about five minutes later.

The presence of a Lesser Whitethroat gave good comparison as to the greater size and overall greyer plumage of this rare warbler. After watching the bird for around thirty minutes I turned tail and made my way back to the car stopping to watch a Whinchat that was posing very nicely indeed for the paparazzi!

The warbler is my second bird seen in the UK. The last was on Isles of Scilly and joins Bluethroat and Brown Shrike on my Staines Moor rarity list! But does not make my Surrey list as this area is outside the Vice County! A fantastic find on an extensive area!

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