Sunday, 13 September 2015

Garganey is Top of The Pops!

A few Wryneck have popped up in the South with the most recent found on Staines Moor. This species is still a Surrey tick for me having missed two at The Farm and numerous in the Vice County.

The only way of guaranteeing to add one to my list is to find one myself. The mounds at The Farm were my target for the morning. The weather was surprisingly calm and quite pleasant for stupid o clock in the morning! I slowly zig-zaged my way across the uneven surface checking the borders of the truck created paths.

The first species of note was a couple of Yellow Wagtail and a Wheatear which flew low between two groups of newly planted trees/shrubs. A skylark was joined by a group of Meadow Pipits shortly afterwards.

I meandered down to the lagoons which were almost devoid of birds. A couple of Green Sands did make an appearance en route to the SE corner. I took a short hike to the top of the next mound which has a small volcano type flat indent at the top. This is a good place in winter for Jack Snipe and Snipe when the top becomes sodden. As I reached the top two birds took flight from the top of a raised scrub like bush. One called confirming its identity as a Tree Pipit. Both flew off towards the SE corner.

I made my way along parkside which is another good area with its trees and line of bushes with grassy path like areas to stalk my intended quarry. Sadly the search was in vain and I returned to Kojak’s Corner to continue a vigil across the lakes.

I was joined by Pyro who spied the Garganey which was having a nap close to the top end of the southern island. This bird was to show well at various times during the day. A group of Wigeon and a Common Sandpiper were still present. A few Siskin and Mistle Thrush passed though along with a mix of hirundines during the morning.

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