Monday, 28 September 2015

Fudged it!!

With the recent run of North to Northeasterly wind I have found myself camped out at the Farm. There has been a distinct lack of rain and cloud but the wind has been perfect. Having left Sunday lunch time with only a few migrants to show for my efforts I could not help but think that something was due to turn up in the Vice County.

I was not expecting the next addition to my Vice County list and I guess I could not have been further away from my car when the news broke. I actually made good time from Haringey to home but also had commitments early evening therefore getting back through the rush hour was going to put me to the test. This twitch was going to be a challenge!

Life was made easier by some precise directions from Dave Harris and before I knew it I was feasting my eyes on the Ferruginous Duck which was sticking like glue to a small group of Pochard. Thanks Ninja!

The smaller size in comparison to the Pochard was my first observation. The long bill and round peaked head and dark back with lighter flanks were evident. The white rump patch was also visible.

I was hoping this bird would also flap its wings showing the white panels. I did not have to wait too long before I had splendid views of this through my scope. Unfortunately capturing the moment is lacking finess!

The bird also obliged showing its white belly patch with white and grey underwing having raised itself out of the water during a wing stretch.

That was definitely worth the slog across town and country. Vice County tick number 227 was in the bag. Fantastic!

I was joined by Jeremy Gates who had a look at the duck through the scope before it moved off with the Pochard into the sun.

Time was pressing on but and rush hour traffic was looming! JG passed on a life saving traffic avoiding tip which incidentally did save me a good 30mins on the way back! 

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