Friday, 24 June 2016

Buenos Aires - Reserva Costanera Sur!

Having arrived in Buenos Aires to meet my girlfriend the previous Saturday and spent a few days doing tourist stuff an afternoon trip to Reserva Costanera Sur was taken. This reserve is walking distance from the busy city centre consisting of a maintained waterfront with reeded areas. There is a circular route leading around the reserve where two former lagoons have succumbed to mixed vegetation.

The afternoon began with a mix of city species Guira Cuckoo, Rufous Collared Sparrow, Masked Gnatcatcher and the regular and very noisy Nanday Parakeet. Chalk browed Mockingbird, Southern Caracara, Picazuro Pigeon and a Green barred Woodpecker were also added to the list.

A Southern Screamer was spied early on but the photo opportunity was not to come until later on after a tense search for the bird from the pavement walkway. This was the most productive area for wildfowl which had a row of statues of former Argentine sports stars excluding Maradonna and a burger van positioned ever 100metres.

Being an avid lover of “Los Patos” I was in my element with Silver Teal being a personnel favourite of mine. Rosy-billed Pochard was also numerous hanging around the edges of the wall hoping for any offerings the passing public would cast aside.

Speckled Teal, Masked Duck, Pied-billed Grebe and White-tufted Grebe were also present along with Common Gallinule and numerous Coots.

There are three types of Coot present all with subtle differences to the colour and shape of the shield. I photographed one species the Red-gartered Coot during this visit.

I logged forty species with a Limpkin and a wall walking Grey-necked Wood-Rail completing the list. My next visit would be with Mark Pearman an ornithologist and local bird guide. 

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