Monday, 6 June 2016

Laguna Blanca MEGA Pinnated Bittern!!

Today would have been my anniversary at work but I chose to pursue my passion for my feathered friends with Para La Tierra at Laguna Blanca. A decision I have not regretted in any way.

 It appears the birds knew and turned out for me as I began my fourth survey of the lagoon. The best of which popped up in the reeds in front of me as I was scanning the lagoon. It is funny how the mind begins to race when something unusual is seen. The bird is there in front of me pictures have been taken so ultimately identification isn’t going to be an issue.

So up pops a long billed thick necked round bodied heron almost from know where. My first thought is that’s too big for a Striated Heron. Then it stretches its neck and shows part of its camouflaged body and begins to skulk in the reeds remaining motionless in parts with its long neck stretched out. It’s a bittern a Pinnated Bittern. That’s a first record for Laguna Blanca! Woo hoo!

I contact Paul sending him a couple of pictures to which he confirms this is a significant new record for the reserve! Let the celebrations begin well after I have finished the survey anyway!

Hind sight is a wonderful thing but the morning had been building up to something good with a Chimango Caracara flying from an apparent roosting point within the sparse scattering of trees within the confines of the lagoon. This bird flew off SW.

A Black Skimmer was next to join the list of interesting birds arriving from the NE. It completed circuits feeding irregularly over the surface of the lagoon. This bird took a good look at Sam (Switz) and Harry (Aus) who were checking the nets for fish. Sam had missed the pair of birds last month surely he had seen this one! I found out later he had.

Then a Snail Kite was seen flying low over the reed-beds looking for breakfast. The bird disappeared behind me most likely to check out the seasonal pond where I saw my first reserve Snail Kite last year.

That was certainly a very interesting morning and the day is not over yet!!

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