Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Laguna Blanca Tern like sunny days!

I completed my third round of surveys today with a walk in the sunshine around the Transitional Forest. The temperature was a pleasant 18c as well which was also met with approval from the birds!

The best bird of the day was found by my good friend Jorge who had me running for the second time in two days as two Black Skimmers had arrived along the beach area of the reserve. Both birds were flying in tandem and are always a welcome sight with their unique feeding style. They fly low over the water opening their lower mandible just below the surface of the water to scoop up small fish molluscs and insects.

Earlier during the survey I added another couple of species to the yearlist. The first was a delightful pair of Purple-throated Euphonia who were flitting about in the trees at the top of the Mboijaguar trail.

Shortly afterwards a Masked Tityra put in an appearance sitting chest out as it watched my movements below. During the survey with my trustee companion “Lobo” PLT’s dog a Pauraque (Nightjar) was spied along the path. Unfortunately it did not stick around for a photo shoot but was a pleasant addition to the day list.

Three more birds were heard along the path the call of which is a bit of a mystery having recorded the call. The bird does not react to playback preferring to remain in dense cover making seeing the bird so far impossible! This species will have to remain as Voice4 until I get the heavy recording artillery out in an attempt to lure it into the open!

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