Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Laguna Blanca tick - Lesser Yellowlegs!

Monday afternoon I decided to take a roost count of Picazuro Pigeon whilst walking the Mboijaguar trail. I chose a suitable vantage point so that I had enough time to count groups of pigeons as they approached. What I thought was going to be a short venture turned into an hour and half count with squadrons of pigeons flying overhead. It was an amazing sight with a final tally of c2182 pigeons making the journey to roost. I also heard the elusive Small-billed Tinamou and Undulated Tinamou during my walk back to the base.

My survey today (25th) focused on the Lagoon. The weather was around 20c with plenty of cloud to keep any migrants low in the sky. A small group of Brown-chested Martin were observed flying NE hugging the surface of the lagoon. These were the first Hirundines I had seen for a while at Laguna Blanca.

Charlie and I remained on the E side of the lagoon stood out of the wind that was building up around us. I then spied three waders flying E and quickly put the camera to work on two of the birds. Having examined the pictures I concluded the birds were Lesser Yellowlegs a new Laguna Blanca tick for me!

Charlie then said what about these over here and flying low over the Lagoon heading W were four White-backed Stilt who seemed to be struggling against the swirling wind. This had been quite a productive twenty minutes so we remained in the same position until the cloud lifted and the sun had broken through.

I walked the NW side of the Lagoon noting the group of Great White Egret had split up and were partly hidden within the reeds regularly moving position to gain advantage of prime fishing areas.

I have been spending an hour or so each afternoon watching the lagoon noting some irregular visitors to the areas of reeds that line most of the lagoon. A Long-winged Harrier has been the most interesting of these visitors. A female Vermilion Flycatcher remains usually seen at the SE end of the lagoon.

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