Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Rainy Days!

Mon 9th

When it rains in paradise it certainly makes a thorough job of it. The Seasonal pond, lagoon and the stream that runs from it are growing by the hour. The forecast states we have at least another day of monsoon like conditions before the weather changes!!

I started my survey early this morning and donned my rain poncho, wellies and brolly these items are proving to be essential purchases!! I was certainly prepared for what the day had to throw at me and began a survey of the Lagoon. Not surprisingly the majority of birds were not keen to give away their presence but the Kingfishers seemed in good spirits flying between each perch in search of a meal.

Vermilion Flycatchers have also been present for the last few days with a sub adult male in its almost full red blaze and two females scooping up and insects that dared go out to face the elements.

Whilst walking the swamp between the Lagoon and the beginning of the Seasonal pond I spied a family party of Brazilian Teal who scuttled off away from me. What a wonderful site on such a dreary day!

A juvenile Pied-billed Grebe made an unlikely appearance a few days ago but could not be found during the briefest of visits to the seasonal pond. It has since been re-located on the lagoon and has company!

A flock of Great White Egrets make a late daily passage low over the lagoon (usually when I am playing volleyball) but today they seized an early moment during a moments respite from the rain!

The rain has finally stopped making the Seasonal Pond survey more enjoyable today (Tues) with temperature remaining around 20c..!

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