Saturday, 18 June 2016

San Rafael - Finale!

The morning was overcast and damp but there were signs of improvement in the weather. We took a small trail around the accommodation area before saying goodbye to Hanz and Christina at San Rafael.

The trip list for the time of year was at a healthy 96 but this trail and a final walk around the lake should put numbers over 100.

Four new birds were to make it onto my life list but unfortunately none would be caught on camera. The Thrush-like Woodcreeper was first followed soon after by the Ochre-faced Tody-flycatcher. A Buff-fronted Foliage-gleaner and Olive Spinetail made up the four.

My camera was almost redundant along the trail but I sprung into action whilst walking the trail by the farm to add some photographs to the forthcoming San Rafael bird guide.

A Ultramarine Grosbeak showed well from the track as it took brief respite as it flew around us.

A Cream-bellied Gnateater which is a rare bird these days gave splendid views in the accommodation area after lunch.

The reserve total finished at 106 species with a Giant Wood Rail and some common birds seen along the road back to Encarnacion. 

This bird would conclude the tour at the reserve and what a great bird to finish on. Thanks go to Paul Smith who is a first class guide and teacher. See link at bottom of blog for details of trips offered by Fauna Paraguay.

I hope Lilian, Sara and eagle eyed Johnathan enjoyed their trip and I wish them a safe journey and maybe I will see them at Laguna Blanca in the future! 

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