Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Beddington Farm - Cold brings in Iceland Gull!

I have been enrolled with the BTO as a bird ringing / banding T permit holder. This allows me to engage in ringing birds at Beddington Farm under the watchful eye of my trainer Mike Netherwood.

This morning was very quiet in the nets but a white winged gull caught our eye as it flew onto the North Lake. The bird conveniently washed up between the islands remaining for some time.

The birds overall size and head provoked discussion as the bird appeared particularly large for an Iceland Gull and the plumage appeared washed out. The Farm has around ten thousand gulls visiting a day and there are some weird looking birds amongst the masses therefore the sight of a white winger does not always mean identification will be a straight forward matter. I had in the back of my mind an interesting gull seen by Dave Harris the previous evening at the Walton roost.

Obtaining pictures was becoming imperative so I ran back to the hide to collect my camera returning slightly breathless but able to get some shots of the bird. A large Iceland Gull was becoming the consensus of opinion but further clarification was sought from our onsite gull expert. The verdict so far on pictures supplied is a male Iceland Gull. 

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